The Jesus I Never Knew
A Big Apple Church Midweek Series
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Series Schedule
Feb 3
(Ch. 1) The Jesus I Thought I Knew
Nate Baker & John Markowski
John introduces this new series with provoking questions & scriptures about the historical Jesus. Nate joins in half way through for an interview-style discussion of the first chapter with a deep dive into Christ & Culture and an example from rap music.
Feb 10
(Ch. 2) Birth: The Visited Planet
Ross & Manami lead amazing panels of moms and dads as they discuss the implications of Jesus' birth, Mary's experience, and the implications for men and women today.
Feb 17
(Ch. 3) Background: Jewish Roots & Soil
Josh Rothberg & John Markowski
He-bros John & Josh work through chapter 3 as they share about their cultural roots in Judaism and how that has translated into their Christianity.
Feb 24
(Ch. 4) Temptation: Showdown at the Desert
Alfredo Valentin & Marc Thompson
After Alfredo introduces Yancey's chapter and breaks down Jesus' battle with Satan in the desert, he invites Marc in to talk Star Wars, the spiritual battle and practical protection from evil.
Mar 3
(Ch. 5) Profile: What Would I have Noticed? & (Ch. 6) Beatitudes: Lucky are the Unlucky
John Markowski
John works through Chapters 5 & 6, revisiting the controversy of Jesus' appearance, his character and the revolutionary words of the Beatitudes.
Mar 10
(Ch. 7) Message: A sermon of Offense
Men & women's Midweek discussing Chapter 7 of Philip Yancey's book "The Jesus I Never Knew".
Mar 17
(Ch. 8) Mission: A Revolution of Grace
Al Baker (ft. Jeff)
Al & Jeff discuss Chapter 8 about the grace of Jesus manifested in serving the poor.
Mar 24
(Ch. 9) Miracles: Snapshots of the Supernatural
Marc Thompson (ft. Cedric & Alfredo)
Marc talks about Miracles in Ch9 of The Jesus I Never Knew, inviting Cedric & Alfredo to share the Yes's & No's of their spiritual journeys.
Mar 31
(Ch. 10) Death: The Final Week
John & Arlene Markowksi, and Ardis Giles
This Wednesday during Holy Week, John, Arlene & Ardis talk about how Jesus engaged his emotions on the way to the Cross.
Apr 7
(Ch. 11) Resurrection: A Morning Beyond Belief
Ross debuts a hilarious, new arts ministry skit & then walks us through scriptures, convictions, illustrations & inspiration of our Risen Lord.
Apr 14
(Ch. 12) Ascension: A Blank Blue Sky
John & Arlene lead us through what it must've felt like to experience Jesus' ascension and how we might respond to Jesus' final act.
Apr 21
(Ch. 13) Kingdom: Wheat Among the Weeds
Al Baker (ft. Christine, Sean & Kathy)
Al Baker and crew work through what it means to wrestle with the temptations and influence of the world as we seek to be citizens and ambassadors of God's kingdom.
Apr 28
(Ch. 14) The Difference He Makes
John Markowski (ft. Michelle, Irving & Manami)
John covers the uniqueness of Jesus in Ch14, then invites Michelle, Irving and Manami to wrap up the series with what has compelled them personally from working through the book.